AT&T Speed Test


To check out whether your ISP is really giving you the internet speed that you’re paying for, you can perform a speed test on your Internet Connection. Performing a speed test is a simple process by which you can determine the speed of your internet connection and also the response time of your internet connection or latency.

One of such internet speed test tool is from a popular wireless carrier, AT&T. AT&T Speed Test tool provides you a quick overview of your bandwidth but are the results from the AT&T Speed Test tool really accurate and reliable?

As you open the tool, it loads up really quick and the interface is just simple and clean. Not very modest, just simple. You can begin the speed test by clicking on the Start button. Once you do so, you will have to stay on that web page, otherwise, the speed test will not be completed so, it is must that you stay on the AT&T Speed Test tool and do not navigate elsewhere.

AT&T performs the speed test in a moderate time, not very quick, but also not very slow. The results of the tests aren’t accurate because as compared to its competitors, the results aren’t that much accurate, especially the latency because the latency that AT&T Speed Test tool shows of your internet connection isn’t accurate at all.

The download and upload also vary, but they are somewhat close to the actual speeds, but still not accurate enough. The speed test tool also doesn’t show you your IP address, ISP or tells you about the server from where the speed test is being performed.

AT&T Speed Test tool can be used to have an overview of how your internet connection is working, but it isn’t reliable. You just cannot accept the results because you may find somewhat different results on other websites, it is good to just have an overview of how your internet connection is working!