How To Get Rid of Spam Emails?

There is no way to completely get rid of spam emails unless you delete your email address but the best you can do is filter out the spam emails and try to get rid of them.

Your email provider does a good job of filtering most of the spam emails and moves them to a separate ‘Spam’ folder but still some email trick the filter and end up in your inbox. Here are some things that you can do to get rid of spam emails in your inbox.

1. Choosing a good email client/provider

A good email provider can do most of the job to reduce the unwanted and spam emails in your inbox. GMail does a very good job of filtering out the spam emails from your inbox and is currently the best email provider that you can select. It filters out all the messages that it suspects as spam and it also has a Promotions folder where you can find all the advertisements from different companies but these advertisements may be worthing seeing so, you can still check them out but rarely does any spam email reaches your inbox on GMail.

2. Train the email filter

Every email provider has a filter that filters out potential spam emails and prevents them from moving to your inbox. However, some emails can trick the filter and somehow end up in your inbox so, you need to train your filter.

Whenever you find a spam email in your inbox then instead of only deleting it, you should also report the email as spam by selecting that particular email and then clicking the Report Spam button. In this way, you tell your email filter to filter out such emails in the future.

Also, if you find any useful email in the spam folder then you can mark it as Not Spam. In this way, such emails won’t appear in your Spam folder and instead will be delivered directly to your inbox.

3. Avoid Responding to Spam Emails

If you suspect an email to be spam then avoid opening it. Even if you open it, don’t click on anything inside the email whether it is a link, button, or a file, don’t open it.

When you respond to a spam email then the filter may think of it as an important email and such emails will continue to come up in your inbox. So, avoid responding to any spam emails.

4. Block Spam Email Addresses

When you block a spam email address then emails from the blocked email address will be blocked permanently and they won’t be able to send you spam emails in the future. If you have an email address or a server that is constantly flooding your inbox with spam then just block it, it is that simple.

5. Avoid giving out your email address

The more you share your email address, the more people will have it and it is most likely that you are going to get a lot of spam. So, avoid giving out your email address without any known reason and don’t publish it on the internet unless it is important or you will have your email address flooded with spam emails.

6. Change your email address

The last resort to completely get rid of spam emails is to change your email address. It is a hard choice but if you didn’t have an idea about spam in the past and responded to spam email and also didn’t hide your email then your inbox will be flooded with spam, no matter what.

It may be a hard choice and you will have to inform all of your contacts about the change but in the end you will be able to get rid of spam emails from your inbox.