Difference Between WiFi Booster and Extender

If you have weak Wi-Fi signals then you should consider buying a device that will boost the strength of your Wi-Fi signals. Such devices are available in the form of a WiFi Booster and Wi-Fi Extender. The main function of these devices is that they take the pre-existing signal from your Wi-Fi router and then repeat it as a new signal, increasing the strength of your pre-existing signals.

The difference between WiFi Booster and WiFi Extender isn’t that much and they are almost the same thing, performing the same function of amplifying your existing Wi-Fi signal but the difference between these is that not all of them work in the same exact way. The way they increase the strength of your WiFi signal differs but their function is the same.

What is a Wi-Fi Extender?

A Wi-Fi Extender is a device that receives the pre-existing signal from your Wi-Fi router and re-transmits it, increasing the range where the signal can reach.

The way a WiFi Extender works is that you connect the Extender to the main Wi-Fi router using an Ethernet cable. In this way, the main WiFi router is sending the signal through the ethernet cable and Wi-Fi Extender will then rebroadcast it as a new network having a new Wi-Fi SSID.

You can also connect the Extender to the main WiFi router wirelessly by connecting to the original Wi-Fi network but in that situation, the network may experience some loss of speed. So, to avoid any speed drop, you should use a wire to connect to the main Wi-Fi router so, there will be no drop in speed and you will be able to get Wi-Fi signals in places that lacked good wireless signals.

A Wi-Fi Extender is usually connected via an ethernet cable so, with Wi-Fi Extenders bandwidth stays unaffected while the signal strength is increased.

What is a Wi-Fi Booster?

A Wi-Fi Booster or Repeater is a device that receives your pre-existing wireless signals and rebroadcasts it, amplifying it so that the signal strength is increased. It performs the same function as a WiFi Extender, increasing the range of wireless signal but instead of a wired connection between the main WiFi router and the WiFi Booster, it takes advantage of wireless technology and connects to the main router wirelessly so, there are no stretched wires hanging around.

A Wi-Fi Booster consists of two routers, similar to your original Wi-Fi router. One of the two routers takes up the original signal from your Wi-Fi connection and then the other one amplifies and rebroadcasts the wireless signal.

When you use a Wi-Fi Booster then your original network SSID remains the same and there is no new network. They are relatively easy to set up as there are no wires involved but you will experience some speed loss due to wireless connection.

There are two types of Boosters, Single Band and Dual Band. Dual-Band Boosters are much better than the single band as the loss of bandwidth in dual-band is less than a single band because they receive the signals from the original router on one band and re-transmit it on the other band.