How To Protect Your Computer from Malware & Viruses

Daily, we hear news about systems getting targeted by hackers and it is because the security of that computer isn’t strong enough to prevent hackers from getting access over your computer. The question most people have is how can they protect their computer from malware and viruses so, their data and the rest of their … Read more How To Protect Your Computer from Malware & Viruses

5 Best WiFi Heatmap Software for Windows & Mac

A WiFi Heatmap is a heatmap showing the strength and coverage of wireless signals in an area. A WiFi Heatmap typically shows the coverage of wireless signals on a real map of a room, floor, or house.

The reason why WiFi Heatmaps are used is that they tell you about the wireless coverage in a specific area and help you to find dead zones. Based on dead zones, you can then optimize your wireless network to achieve full coverage in the area. Without WiFi Heatmap it becomes difficult to achieve the desired coverage and involves a lot of guesswork as you don’t know exactly which place is a dead zone.

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What is a VPN?

VPN or Virtual Private Network lets you create a secure and private connection to the internet through another network giving you online privacy and anonymity. VPNs mask your IP address and make you untraceable, your online activity and IP address remains hidden from your ISP and the websites that you visit, granting you a secure and encrypted connection to the internet.

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What is Torrenting & How it Works?

You probably might have heard the name torrent or torrenting at some stage of your life using the internet. Torrenting isn’t popular as it used to be a few years ago but still, it is used across the world because it is a fast and reliable method to share files across the internet. Torrenting is relatively simple and you can easily share large files with other people.

Torrenting is often considered illegal activity but it isn’t an illegal thing to do. The reason why torrenting is considered illegal is that the files shared through torrenting are usually copyrighted, however, torrenting or P2P file sharing is a legal thing and if you are sharing/exchanging legal material through torrenting then there is nothing wrong with that.

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What is a DNS Leak?

DNS or Domain  Name System is used to translate the domain names to IP Addresses so, browsers are able to complete your request. When you visit a website then you usually enter the domain name of the website but the browsers interact through IP Addresses, so translation occurs between the domain name and the IP Address in order to access the webpage.

For VPN connections, there are two types of threats that can potentially expose you. One is VPN connection failure and the other one is DNS leak.

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How To Get Rid of Spam Emails?

There is no way to completely get rid of spam emails unless you delete your email address but the best you can do is filter out the spam emails and try to get rid of them.

Your email provider does a good job of filtering most of the spam emails and moves them to a separate ‘Spam’ folder but still some email trick the filter and end up in your inbox. Here are some things that you can do to get rid of spam emails in your inbox.

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Difference Between WiFi Booster and Extender

If you have weak Wi-Fi signals then you should consider buying a device that will boost the strength of your Wi-Fi signals. Such devices are available in the form of a WiFi Booster and Wi-Fi Extender. The main function of these devices is that they take the pre-existing signal from your Wi-Fi router and then repeat it as a new signal, increasing the strength of your pre-existing signals.

The difference between WiFi Booster and WiFi Extender isn’t that much and they are almost the same thing, performing the same function of amplifying your existing Wi-Fi signal but the difference between these is that not all of them work in the same exact way. The way they increase the strength of your WiFi signal differs but their function is the same.

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How To Increase Internet Connection Speed?

Slow Internet Connections can be very annoying because you can’t do literally anything. You can browse the internet with ease, you can’t stream videos and you can’t play games online. Even though you may be paying for speeds much higher but you may not be getting those speeds. This can be due to many factors and these all can lead to you having poor internet connection speed.

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