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TestMy.net is one of the best websites through which you find out the bandwidth of your internet connection. There are many speed tests out there that do the same thing, but none of the other websites provide as many details about the result as does TestMy.net.

It has been performing free speed tests for over two decades and provides you with stats about your internet connection that you may not find on other websites. It displays the stats in such a way that everyone can understand.

Not only does it provides you a complete report on the bandwidth of your internet connection, but it also tells you about your ISP and the other speed tests that are performed for the same ISP.

It tells you how good your Internet Service Provider is and based on all the results, it shows average download and upload speed along with the latency.

When performing a speed test, you get the option to either run an upload or download or latency test or to perform a whole automatic speed test.

The website may take some time to complete the speed test but in the end, the results are accurate and reliable. On some websites, you would find the results to be varying from time to time but on TestMy.Net the results are accurate and reliable than most of the speed test websites.

You can compare your results to the average speeds of your ISP and find out how well your internet connection is performing.

The speed test takes a moderate amount of time to be completed, and once it is done all the statistics of the results are displayed on the screen. It also shows if your internet connection is faster or slower than your ISP’s average.

The design of the website is relatively simple and not really stylish or modern, but it does provide correct and accurate information. The results of the tests performed can be saved to your online user account.

The website uses only HTML5 instead of Java or Flash so, it works perfectly fine on both desktop and mobile web browsers. It does not use any additional plugins and is able to provide you with all the stats regarding the internet connection that you won’t find on any other speed test website.

You also get the option to share your results if you want to. There is a separate tab available from which you can either email your results or share the results using the URLs. You also have the option to export your results if you want to and save them to your PC.

For detailed statistics of your internet connection, you won’t find a better website than TestMy.net because it tells you everything about your internet connection.

From the download speed, upload speed, latency to the average speeds of users in your area and the average speeds of your ISP, you can find almost everything related to your internet connection.

You can’t find such a website that will give you this much information regarding your internet connection and your ISP for free.